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Looking for granitic sand - white ice pebbles or tuscan toppings delivered to Melbourne

Garden pebbles and toppings supplies Melbourne Australia

Featuring: Khloes Garden


Mulch in bags Melbourne

Mulch in your garden is a great way to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.
Khloes garden mulches come in different colours and sizes. Pine bark mulches are commonly used for native plants. If you’re after visual affect coloured mulches are the way to go. The most common colours are red or black in a 6-10mm bark we also recommend our terracotta chips, which are a thicker 40mm chip, which is great for open windy garden beds. Khloes garden recommends putting a thick layer of on your garden beds approximately 100mm it will help keep weeds away and increases water and air movement throughout your soil.

Lawn mix in bags Melbourne

Lawn mix is quality screened sandy loam soil, which is most commonly used for starting new lawns as well as top dressing existing lawns. Khloes garden recommends 100mm of lawn mix should be put down before starting a new lawn. Our lawn mix is also great for garden beds and can be mixed with organic compost for flowers and native plants or you can add mushroom compost for your vegetable gardens.

Organic compost in bags Melbourne

Organic compost is organic material that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer. Khloes garden organic compost is popular amongst green thumbs as it is highly useful in any part of your garden. It works best with native Australian plants as well as tropical plants.

White washed sand in bags Melbourne

Khloes garden washed sand has many different uses. It can be used for laying under pavers giving the pavers a firm base underneath also one of its most common uses is children’s sand pits as it pretty much resembles beach sand. The kids will have hours of fun building sandcastles in their own sand pits.

Pebbles in bags Melbourne

Khloes garden pebbles come in a vast variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Decorative pebbles will give any garden the wow factor. Ranging in sizes from 7mm to 150mm and exotic colours such as white ice, black polished, Tuscan, grey granite and also a lot of earthy river colours. Our pebbles will be sure to put a sparkle on your landscape design. Khloes garden recommends when laying pebbles 20mm or smaller they should have a depth of 50mm for pebbles larger than 20mm a depth of 100mm is required.

Potting mix in bags Melbourne

Potting mix is a medium in which to plants, herbs and vegetables. Khloes garden premium potting mix is of the highest quality and is most commonly used in pots hanging garden beds and other durable containers.

Toppings in bags Melbourne

As concrete can be expensive most Melbournians are turning to toppings for there pathways and driveways. Khloes garden has three different toppings, Lilydale toppings which is grey and yellow colour, Tuscan toppings which is a deep orange in colour and our most popular topping is granitic sand which a light brown colour which can be found in most botanical gardens in Melbourne. When laying our toppings a depth of 100mm is highly recommended to give you the best result.


Visit the website www.khloesgarden.com.au


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